mardi 2 mars 2010

Flight Simulation Video Games - Abeladina Reviews

There is something I make pretty obvious on the Andre Beladina's blog: I love planes, and I love to fly! Recently, I found out about the review system on, and decided to give it a whirl by reviewing a video game I used to play with my children. I used to think this video game was the real deal, a unique way to recreate the emotions of flying through a computer screen.

I wrote  a review of Crimson Skies with my pseudo abeladina (my secret handle, don't tell anyone). I wrote this review as genuinely as I could, trying to extract the gist of thi video game's uniqueness from the wide pool of flight simulators. Which is why I focused my review on the anachronisms that build the cornerstone of this video game's originality: Music, plane models, backgrounds, every aspects of the video game is a blend of various bits of time patched together in a very compelling game environment.

The flying experience is greatly affected by this eclectic virtual surrounding, meaning flying through strange land can be more of a thrill than flying over the Pacific for 20 hours. Unfortunately, as a pilot, this game has its down: the piloting functions are limited to just a few moves, the game lacks fluidity, the interface is not very intuitive, and the purpose of the game is somewhat obscure.

While I was on, I left a few more comments on other flight simulation games, so if you want to check them out:

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