jeudi 18 février 2010

British Airways Testing Green Fuel

So is British Airways getting ready to launch an explosive new concept around its aerial fleet? Very much indeed. Tuesday, the airways company announced a partnership with engineering and management company ARCADIS and the UK airline company. Check this out:

When complete, the carbon reclamation & conditioning plant will convert 500 kilotonnes of carbon-based material per year into 16 million gallons of jet fuel. The process offers lifecycle greenhouse gas savings of up to 95% compared to fossil fuel derived kerosene, potentially reducing annual carbon emissions by 145kt. The plant will produce more than double the fuel needed to power all BA flights at London City Airport.

Don't get too excited though, the first delivery is scheduled on 2014. The company beholding this technology is the US-based Solena Group, who is partnering with British Airways to bring us this new green gas for planes. What is not mentioned here is the price this new kerozene will cost. Will it make our plane trips' cost go up?

Anyhoo, this reminds me of Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth: all throughout the movie, the main character (Al Gore) goes right and left, preaching the end of the world, and advocating for greener habits. For half of the movie, the guy stands in airplanes or in cars, flying and driving around the world to tell people not to pollute. Gotta spend money to make money? Maybe, but I  am not sure the same logic applies for gas...

Via The Engineer.

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