vendredi 14 mai 2010

On Giving Up One's Citizenship

Samuel Taliaferro published an interesting article on his blog that was written by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., the Libertarian activist. In this article, Lew Rockwell rants on the implications of giving up one's US citizenship, and argues that it is in the roots of the United States' constitution to have the right to leave to seek greater freedom, since freedom is what the US are all about.

Lew Rockwell writes these words in reaction to the recent findings that show a rise in US citizenship revocation demands from US citizens. If a US citizen wishes to live in another country, he is still expected to declare his revenues in the United States and pay his taxes accordingly. The Government may also request a living-abroad US citizen to do military time for the US Governement, hence the need to give up one's citizenship to un-tether oneself from the US Government:

Even when a person gives up US citizenship, and establishes citizenship with a freer country, the US government can still haunt him with continuing tax obligations and demands for military service.

In Lew Rockwell's instance, US citizens attempt to lose their US citizenship because they have found more satisfying freedom models elsewhere. However, on a broader scale, giving up one's land and permanently migrating to a new more fulfilling one is a topic that appeals to my most inner senses.

I too have decided to cut the cord with France, the country where I was raised and spent a good part of my adulthood. However, when I found Panama, France lost all of its significance. Panama is a paradise land, with breath-taking landscapes and the most heart-warming population. Moreover, I am an entrepreneur, and Panama is a country filled with all sorts of business opportunities.

Unfortunately, breaking up with my former homeland was not a piece of cake. Any unresolved business with the French administration keeps haunting you even though your mind is already on the other side of the globe. Despite the little trouble I went through, I am glad I was French and not American, because I don't think I would have appreciate having a foreign Government following me wherever I go and pretend that my soul (and earnings) belongs to them.

On that level, Lew Rockwell is absolutely right, the US governement went way over the line, and what started as the land of the free became the land of the muzzled! Lord have mercy on the soul of the unscrupulous individuals who benefit from these shameless laws!

Read Lew Rockwell on the Panama Investor Blog.

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