mardi 23 mars 2010

Andre Dailymotion Beladina

Here at Isla Viveros, we have been heavily relying on video to show off the beautiful landscapes that make Panama. Today, I was having fun cruising around Dailymotion. First, I created two groups: The "I am Andre Beladina" group, which compiles some videos I made that have my name in it; and the "Isla Viveros" group, which combines videos from Isla Viveros. If you'd like to contribute some videos to those groups, follow the links and join in!

Dailymotion doesn't just let users create groups, I was also able to build up a few playlists that I will keep on furnishing in the coming months. First, because I like video games, I created the "Panama Gaming" playlist. This is for anyone who likes video games, and would like to share some games screenshots with me (please make it related to Panama). I also created the "Panama Sports" playlists,  hoping that I will have more and more time to contribute to it, since there aren't that many sources of panamean sports. Finally, I created the "Panama Canal", because I know there are thousands of videos out there about this beautiful route that takes you from the Far-east to the Far-west, alas not that easy to find all of them.

If you too, you have a passion for Panama, and you like to bundle up videos into smooth-looking playlists, please do share your links in the comments section. I am just tired of having to do long searches before finding the content I am looking for, so I hope that this page will be visible through search engines to help those looking for those sweet Panama videos.

By the way, I forgot to mention, for those who are not used to video-sharing platforms, that Dailymotion is free to use, and it is also free to join the groups I created. It's really about sharing interest in Panama and all it has to offer! Hope you got that from the get-go :)

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